Choices & Decisions


I thought long and hard about what I wanted my first blog post to be about. So here it is, my 2 cents.  🙂 Or maybe 1 cent depending on the value of a penny in today’s economy.

1st: Let me explain a bit about myself. Mother, wife, teacher, business owner, teacher, friend, daughter, veterinarian, nurse, taxi, cook, seamstress, event planner, personal assistant, prepper and genealogist. I’m sure the list could go on and on and on. I am not JUST a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) or JUST a Housewife. All my life I’ve had problems with labels. Popular, Geek, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Career Woman, Soccer Mom. I am me. I am a culmination of many things that make me ME. The things above are things I do, they are what I do, not who I am. I am adventurous, spontaneous, loving, caring, a little bit country and a little bit rockstar, fun loving, responsible, spiritual. I am not a helpless female, I don’t NEED my husband, I WANT/LOVE my husband. I am organized to the point of OCD. Yes, this means my books look like I cataloged them library style. I express my opinions more than people like but that’s part of me, I do it because I care. I have tattoos and piercings. I am not ashamed of them or feel the need to cover them around other mom’s or my kids. They are part of me.

2nd: I love my favorite blogs but I only have a few that I read because I don’t feel like they speak to me. A lot of blogs out there that are done by Mothers/Wives make it sound like we should be Donna Reed, they set an expectation that, let’s face it, none of us really fit into.

3rd: Prepping/Survivalism are important to us. I hate the idea of being dependent on anyone for anything just as much as I hate the idea of being unprepared. Yes, my fear of Zombies got me started prepping but let’s face it disasters happen everyday. Was anyone prepared for Katrina? What would you do if hit by an Earthquake? A tornado? A power outage?

4th: I feel like the idea of getting back to basics is sometimes misrepresented. Let me preface this by saying: Everyone has their own reasons for getting back to basics or staying at home instead of working. ALL of these reasons are respectable, but they are not all my reasons. I respect all religions, in fact my motto is “Freedom of Religion means ALL Religions.” But I feel like they’re are no blogs for those of us who have made the decision to stay at home for other reasons. Most of the blogs I come across talk about how it’s Christian values and what the Bible says that makes them stay at home, home-school they’re kids and get back to basics. This is great for those of you who have those reasons but I wanted something for those of us who don’t have those reasons.

What are my reasons you ask?

Let me start by saying this. I have been a career woman and a stay at home mom before. To me both have it’s challenges and both have it’s triumphs. I went from being a stay at home to a full time career woman in a matter of a few short years. My husband and I made the decision for him to be a stay at home dad while I focused on running a million dollar business after years of me staying home when I was offered an opportunity that I could not refuse. After a few years of being a successful business woman we were faced with a decision. I was told that due to a few serious health problems that if I kept working like I was that I was basically putting the nails in my own coffin. So after a lot of discussion and thought we decided to reverse roles again. He will now be working again full time and I will stay home.

But I learned from doing both roles in the past that I am one of those people who have to have a little of both worlds to truly be happy. While raising my kids, homeschooling and prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse 🙂  I will also be running a business from home. My own hours, no one is my boss. I can have the best of both worlds.

This is why I decided to start a blog. I wanted a place for women like me who are stay at home mom’s for a multitude of reasons (whether that is religion or personal preference). A place for women (and stay at home dads) to join me in getting back to basics, run a successful at home business and prepare your families for the hordes of Zombies.I have gained a lot of years of experience in all of those areas and more so if I can help others get through this process and maybe learn something myself along the way I will feel as if I have shared my experiences in life for a good purpose.

No matter what your reason for being here is I welcome you! Career Women trying to balance home and work, stay at home moms (new and experienced), Stay at home dad’s (if you’re anything like my hubby you may be grateful for a little help), Homeschoolers, Preppers or anyone else! Welcome and follow me on my journey af getting back to basics while attempting to keep my sanity!

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2 thoughts on “Choices & Decisions

  1. Faith

    I think you have done a wonderful job so far and I will be reading your blog so keep it up my lady!

  2. Thank you!

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