Crossroads Excerpt 1

I keep talking about all this writing I do but I realized I haven’t shared any with you! How selfish of me! So here you go an excerpt my first book (I haven’t started the publishing process yet). I am considering publishing as an e-book and then going from there into self-publishing.

What had she done so wrong in her life to deserve the marriage she was in? Growing up she had been in church every time the doors were open, she’d been on countless mission trips and camps. Isn’t that what you were supposed to do? Wasn’t God supposed to reward you for that?
She’d found herself questioning this since she had married Chuck. She was questioning even more now. She found herself wanting to scream and yell at God. Why? Why had he allowed her father to stop this 5 years ago? Why had he given her an abusive, cheating husband when she had spent her life doing his work? All she had ever asked was to be happy.
She didn’t want much in life. She didn’t want money, or possessions. She didn’t want drugs and fame; she only wanted to be loved. Truly loved and treated as though she were loved. She wanted someone to treasure her as much as she did them. Was placing Ryan in her path now some joke God was playing on her?

Just a short sample but I may post more later 🙂


Copyrighted Excerpt – May not be reposted or used without permission of author.

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