I must have been insane to think I would just stop working and go right back into the routine I had years ago as  SAHM. Wake everyone up at a certain time, the kids watched Disney while I made breakfast, the played in their rooms while I watched Desperate Housewives (no I did not eat bon bons:) ) and cleaned my house on a meticulous routine. Then it was time for the afternoon snack and to run errands. Fix supper and then the hubby came home. Seems easy enough right? Well, apparently I took for granted how many years I had to get in that routine. Now all of a sudden I feel like I’m walking into a zoo of wild animals and trying to wrangle them all back into their various cages while trying to prepare their meals, and clean the monkey poo from the cage. I figure that I can’t be the only one with the problem so why not blog about it?

I suddenly find that I have went from this as a previous SAHM:


To This:


While waiting for someone to flip the light switch in my brain from Workaholic to SAHM I have realized something:

The hubby is having just as hard of a time handing over his routine and kitchen back to me. I realized this while cooking dinner yesterday as he went around me getting everything done. By the end all I had done was dump vegetables in a bowl and mix the ingredients. While I started out very frustrated with him, after all I was the one that taught him how to be Mr. Mom. I thought about this later and remembered how hard it is was for me to hand it over to him in the beginning. So, this time, I cut him some slack. Next time we might have Food Wars right in my kitchen. 🙂

I also have a very bad habit of taking on everything by myself. Last time I stayed home my kids were not old enough to take on very many chores, so that is the mentality I went into this with. I’m not doing my kids any benefit by doing everything for them.

My husband has been the only stay at home parent my youngest son has had. We lovingly refer to him as the  boy raised by wolves.


This has taught me that there is a HUGE difference in the way that men and women raise children. Not that one is wrong or right, they are just different. My husband is now afraid that his wild, Mowgli will be sitting calmly on the couch in a 3-piece suit. My son is also afraid this will happen so he has revolted, deciding mutiny was his only option.  🙂


What have I learned this week?

  1. The hubby is having just as hard of a time as I am.
  2. Kids are resistant to change but will adapt with time.
  3. Delegate age appropriate chores, instead of taking it all on myself.
  4. Breath
  5. Baby steps, one day at a time.
  6. Be thankful I have a husband who was willing to quit his job and stay home, who is now also being asked to stop staying at home and head back to the workplace.
  7. Be thankful for the talents I have to balance a million things at once, with the patience of Job (as a dear friend put it recently).
  8. Know that it will all be easy peasy with a little time.


WAIT! Let’s get this right. Wonder Woman is great but this is more my style 😉


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