Child’s Perception vs Adult’s Perception

As I was watching the video I just posted I realized something. The difference in how we perceive things as a child or as a teenager versus once we are adults.

This song came out when I was a kid, I remember it, I loved watching Travis Tritt videos back then because that was when he made the series of videos that told a story about a man and his wife. I remember thinking as I listened to the song “Anymore” that though it was a pretty song that I liked it made no sense to me.

As a child it was simple, if you love her go get her. Why are you sitting here singing about you’re tired of pretending you don’t love her? Just go tell her and she’ll be yours. Even though I grew up seeing that love and marriage were not Cinderella and Prince Charming, as a matter of fact, what I saw everyday was FAR FROM a Disney Movie, but I guess in a child’s mind the answers to things are always simple. If you love someone tell them and be together, if you want something just go get it. Which begs the question, do we, as adults, complicate things ourselves?

Now as an adult, listening to that song for the first time in years I understand the pain and heartache he is singing about. I fully understand every word that he sings. I see the song through new eyes, the words take on new meaning.

As we grow older and gain more life experience do we jade ourselves? Do we give ourselves to many options and replay to many bad scenarios that might happen and scare us out of the things we want most in life? Maybe children really are the ones that see things for what they are, maybe it is as simple as my thoughts on this song as a child. Maybe we should just go after it, stop thinking about the “What if?” that may happen and think about this: “What if I don’t and I spend my life missing the one thing that would make me happy?” Is a mediocre existence really living? Or is it just that, existing?

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