If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing…

I’ve heard this saying all of my life. So I am taking a stand. My heart goes out to the Colorado Victims and other victims of violence but here is how I feel.

Everything going on in the US today with gun control, abortion, Chik-Fil-A, gay rights, Batman….makes my heart hurt. I really think I was born in the wrong time period sometimes….

People kill people and have been since the beginning of time, if it’s not a gun it’s a rock. If it’s not violence against gays it’s violence against women’s rights, if it’s not the holocaust against jews it’s the holocaust against Native American’s, if it’s not African American slavery it’s the slavery of children in the sex industry.

When did we stop treating people like people? We all hurt, we all bleed. Everyone is someone’s daughter or son, someone’s husband or wife, someone’s grandchild.

Maybe if we had compassion, stood together instead of fighting and loved one another we could help stop violence against gays, help the people with mental illness, rehabilitate the men that abuse their wives and children, help the victims of abuse stand on their own to stop the cycle.

When did humanity become inhumane?

Where is the focus on the mental illness that some of the criminals suffer from? Now before you say I’m stereotyping, I AM IN NO WAY SAYING ALL PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FROM MENTAL ILLNESS ARE CRIMINALS! Far from it, I know many children and adults who are diagnosed with various mental illnesses who are WONDERFUL people. People I am proud to know. But these adults took control of their lives, recognized where they needed help and did what needed to be done. These children have loving, caring parents who recognized that they are blessed with a child different than others and provided them with loving support to grow into productive young adults/adults.

What I am saying is that I have also seen first hand the suffering a person goes through when they have no help, no support and are swept under the rug because God forbid we admit that we have friends or family with severe mental illness. By severe I mean things such as schizophrenia, psychosis, extreme bi-polar disorder, etc. I have seen first hand the suffering that the loved ones of these people go through with them. The loved ones who do recognize the illness and plead for them to get help.

Where is the recognition that this goes untreated and causes such suffering that sometimes these people react, asking for help in such ways as suicide or murder? Mental Illness should NOT be a stigma, it should NOT be a stereotype, it should NOT be swept under the rug. I have seen what it does to the lives of the patient and their loved ones. I have seen that with one action all the lives involved could have been wildly different.

Where is the compassion for children with autism as they go through the school system? Where is the patience for a child with ADD/ADHD? Why are these children shoved to the side in a special class and stereotyped for the rest of their lives?

Where are the mobs of people willing to stand in line 24 hours for a new iphone when a victim of domestic violence is begging for help and often times her abuser is someone suffering from severe mental illness? I can not count the times I have heard from people. “I don’t want to get involved.” or “Well she probably deserved it.” or “She made her bed now she needs to lie in it.” I have seen cops tell women, “Well, you shouldn’t have pushed his buttons.” I have seen women lose their children to an abuser all because she took a stand and left him.

Take a stand? Okay I am taking a stand… I am taking a stand for the people who suffer from Mental Illness, I am taking a stand for the victims of Domestic Violence. I refuse to bury my head in the sand and say that mental illness should be swept under the rug, I refuse to shut my door to a woman or child that is being abused.

If you want to take a stand, take a stand and let’s bring awareness to these issues.


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