Fitness Update

So in the past few days I have slightly gotten away from what I plan to post during the week. All the political agendas floating around right now put me on a train of thought I wanted to share.

So back the the basics!! Here is a health & fitness update!

Since starting this journey about 3 weeks ago I have lost 12 pounds of my goal!! And all in a healthy way! How have I done it you ask without starving myself or liposuction?

To start off with after all of the years trying to crash diet, starving myself, then giving up and eating anything I wanted I have realized a few things about myself that I had to take into consideration. No diet is going to work for everyone. what works for me may not work for my husband and what works for him may not work for my friends. No one knows your body better than you do.

After the birth of my second child I spent years with the most horrible stomach problems. True to form every month I would get so horribly sick and dehydrated that it would lay me up in bed (or vomiting over the toilet) for days. I would have to lay with a trash can between me and my night stand and sleep with my head on the night stand because these bad times were 3 times as bad as the worst morning sickness. Yes, that bad. Each month they would get worse, this would last about 6 months. Then I would get one or two months where I would get nauseous but no vomiting or dehydration. Then they would start all over, this plagued me for 6 years! It was unbearable, I have been to hospital after hospital, doctor after doctor, test after test. No one could figure out what was wrong with me. So I started paying attention to my own body for triggers or signs.

1. I noticed that after eating I would swell and my hands and face would itch.

2. If I took benadryl it eased the symptoms. But only if I took it before the symptoms or immediately after. I found this out after taking some benadryl to sleep through a bad spell because the doctor would not give me any medication to stop the vomiting.

3. I tried gluten free, worked for a couple months but then I got sick again.

4. I felt like I was 16 again when I went on the HCG diet. (Yes, I tried it. I will post more about that later.) No illness, nothing. I actually took up jogging and going to the gym I felt so great!

5. We already know I am borderline Anemic after my first birth. I have to monitor my Iron levels.

6. Since my second pregnancy I have Extreme Hypertension. (Bottom number refuses to lower)

7. Eating would also give me a headache and feel like a rock was sitting in my stomach.

8. Severe dehydration would kick in after the third month of sickness and put me in the hospital. I have been in the hospital MORE with this illness than with all three pregnancies.

9. My wonderful monthly visit from mother nature was HORRENDOUS!! Every month was like giving birth.

10. I started suffering from kidney stones a few months ago.

11. I started having severe allergic reactions to certain lotions.

There are more symptoms, but as they are not the prettiest symptoms to write about I figured if anyone wants to know because they suffer from the same things you can comment and I will privately email you.

So, needless to say I got fed up with the doctors and started doing my own research. After a lot of studying my own body and internet research we found the Evil Monster that was plaguing me:

PRESERVATIVE INTOLERANCE Those nasty little things that give food shelf life: Sodium Benzoate, Sulfates, etc.

The HCG diet is free of these, which is why I felt s good on it. These preservatives are EVERYWHERE! Beauty products, foods, drinks, etc. So let me try to explain how this works. You know the cycles of illness and getting better I talked about? Well let’s say we’re starting at the beginning of a 6 month cycle.

Month 1 – Body is free of preservatives from foods and such.

Each month thereafter, months 2-5, you are eating foods with preservatives. Your body can not digest them so they build up in your system. More and more preservatives in you with each passing month.

Month 6: Your body can not tolerate any more so you get extremely sick, dehydration, vomiting and so on. This purges your body of the preservatives. Trust me when your body is trying to rid itself of this stuff it means business.

Then your body starts a new cycle.

Finding this out was rather scary to think that for years, even decades that I had this allergy and no one knew it. It can cause you to go into Anaphylactic shock! Scary right? To think my food could have killed me, is just something we don’t think about. So I went on a preservative free diet. Buying natural foods, none of my normal beauty products (except my makeup, I couldn’t live without that). I did this for about a month to free my body of the preservatives. Then I slowly started reincorporating my favorite lotions etc. The only was to tell which ones you can tolerate without a severe reaction is to be free of preservatives first.

I have been (knock on wood) free of the monthly horrible sickness for 6 months!! My mother nature visits are more normal, I feel better, I have more energy, less headaches, etc. Now don’t get me wrong I have my vices that I love and can not give up. I still drink my wine and my whiskey. Occasionally I’ll have a beer. I have certain beauty products I refuse to do without. Cherry Coke is my form of a cigarette. So I drank one a day instead of ALL day.

Before I go out to dinner I take an anti-histamine.

My life is about picking and choosing now. I think of the preservative as a bank account. It’s hard to completely cut it out, it’s in everything. I’m still working on this part. But until then, I have a budget (what I know my body will be okay with) and use it on my favorites, such as my 1 cherry coke a day. If I go out to eat, the next day I cut out ALL preservatives. It’s about balance now until I can get to a completely natural diet.

That being said here is what I have done the past 3 weeks to lose 12 lbs. I know what affects my body now so I know how to feed it. So this has been my routine.

Breakfast: Yogurt/Coffee (yes with sugar and cream)

Lunch: Smoothie (I am going to start posting my smoothie recipes that my husband invents for me. Like his Red Velvet Smoothie…yum and guilt free.)

Supper: I eat with the family something healthy, making sure to get my meat and veggies. We all eat the same thing. This is where my cherry coke comes in to play. I have cut myself back to 6 oz at a time from 20 oz.

Snack: Yogurt and a healthy snack. (I will also post recipes for healthy snacks I eat)

I take my vitamins, yes I still eat meat. I have to eat meat because of my Iron and I love meat. I do yoga and soon will be trying to incorporate some sort of strength training and cardio.

There is no better compliment than to have your husband say, “Do I need to buy you suspenders? Your constantly adjusting your pants like they’re too big.”    🙂  🙂   🙂

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Update

  1. grapesgripesandgratitude

    Fantastic!!!! I have food allergies (one is gluten which also means preservatives quite often too) so I feel ya! But every since my diagnosis and change I’ve never felt better (and lost 24 pounds too-yay!). Great job!!!!

    • Thank you! It was tough at first because while we were trying to figure it out it was always like cooking two meals all the time. One for me and one for everyone else.Congratulations 24 pounds is awesome!!

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