If the saying, “A new pair of shoes can change your life.” is true. Than my life just changed! Image

I had been drooling over these shoes for awhile but they are by Iron Fist which mean they were anywhere from $50-$60 dollars. A few weeks ago before leaving my job, when we knew I was leaving I happened upon these glorious shoes for…get this….$20!!!! So he told me to quit drooling and get them, as a treat for the years of hard work I had put in at the job I was now leaving. I have been waiting on these to arrive for several weeks now…..

My new babies arrived today!!!

I know, I know. I’m all about prepping, and back 2 basics but that does not mean I’m not still a woman and suddenly forgot about beauty, or fashion. C’mon now I was the first teenager in my town to wear the knee high boots I saw on MTV  even though I got made fun of, and when everyone else starting wearing them 2 years later, I laughed and moved onto a new trend.

Shoes are my weakness, even though I refuse to pay full price, I still love them. I love shopping for them, I love looking at them, I love wearing them. Admit it, shoes can change your entire outfit, they can brighten your day and boost your confidence. Heels can dress up a pair of jeans, flip flops can dress down a skirt….the possibilities are endless.

My weight may change over the years, I may have a few more wrinkles than I did 10 years ago but shoes….they remain my consistent and faithful best friend 🙂 Hey I may not fit in my size 3 blue jean shorts from high school anymore but I sure in the hell can still fit in my size 8.5 Doc Martins from high school!   😉

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2 thoughts on “shoes…Shoes…..SHOES!!!

  1. grapesgripesandgratitude

    Oh my gosh….doc martins!! I had a pair. Wish I still did! Ha!

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