Have a Holly Jolly Christmas…..


I know, I know. The last thing you all want to be hearing is about Christmas but I promise there is a reason I am bringing this up now.

In the past few years my family has gotten comfortable being able to spend money at the Holidays that we were never able to before but I was thinking earlier as I was budgeting money and such about the fact that we are now in August. Gosh, where has the year gone? I still haven’t recovered from LAST Christmas!!

My family celebrates Christmas and Yule/Winter Solstice and this year money will be tighter than last year, it will be more like early Christmases for our family. So I need to start planning now, especially with the plan that I have.

We’re going to have a HOMEMADE COUNTRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Now I’m not saying every gift will be homemade for my kids but how many of you get tired of spending WAY too much money, fighting MOBS of people for an item the kids will soon forget about or will be broken within weeks? I know I get tired of this! So here is my plan:

  • Daddy and Mama will buy each other 1 significant gift or pool the budgeted amount for 1 large item we both want.
  • I will budget out an amount for each child and we will buy them a couple of gifts that they REALLY want.
  • The rest will be homemade.
  • Of course Santa will still be bringing what he thinks each child deserves.
  • We will exchange 1 homemade gift for Yule.
  • Of course I won’t break our tradition of brand new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

The homemade part is also why I need to start now. This will take time to make gifts for each child, my friends and the hubby. I love making things! Even as a child I remember making everyone gifts for Christmas, it’s just a habit I have gotten out of as I got older. I REALLY want to get back to that.

You know what my favorite episode of Little House on the Prairie was? The one where Mr. Edwards treks across snow, ice, water to bring gifts to the Ingalls children. I remember watching this as a child, just in awe at the kindness of this man even though they were not expensive gifts he gave his all to help Ma and Pa Ingalls make Christmas special for their children.

So bear with me as I post my way through my homemade Christmas gifts. Maybe I can provide some humor and learning experiences for us all as we go into the beginning of the Holidays.

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