Kids and Organization

Organization Monday

I’m going to start this off by saying my oldest, my youngest and my husband are the most disorganized people ever! Myself and Empathetic Engineer are the exact opposite, since he was 2 he’s been organizing his stuffed animals on his bed at night, he keeps a mental tab of every toy he owns. It actually stresses him out for things to be out of place. Which by the way, he inherited that from his mama!

So what are two OCD members of the family to do with those members who make disorganization look like an art?

I make it as simple as possible! I label EVERYTHING; yes I am one of those people. But guess what? Once your disorganized family members get in the habit of where everything goes you can remove the labels.

How do I do this you ask? Well let’s use the problem rooms as examples.


Kids Rooms

If you have kids like Empathetic Engineer who are naturally organized then let them decide where they want their toys and such. My kids have those little plastic drawer carts. 1 per child for toys and each drawer is for a certain type of toy.


Drawer 1: Cars

Drawer 2: Superhero Toys

Drawer 3: Misc. Oddball Toys.

Drawer 4: Superhero Costumes

Then they have a block box and a Lego bucket.

Each of these is labeled with what’s in the drawer and a picture that represents it. The picture helps children too young to read and those who are just learning. Now when you ask the kids to pick up their toys they can’t tell you they don’t know where they go! You explain to them a couple of times to help them understand the system and then they can follow the labels!



I can hear ya’ll groaning now. Ugh, the kitchen!! So many things to organize and clean and disinfect and reorganize!!

Now I’m not suggesting you all be like me and sort all of your cans into categories and face the labels the same way. Yes, I’m the weirdo that likes my cabinets to look like the grocery store. My peas and carrots and corn are all grouped with peas, carrots and corn and the labels all face forward. I hear ya’ll laughing now.  J

But however you organize your kitchen, the process is the same as the kids rooms.

Take mine as the example:

Spice Cabinet has a spice label.

The plates, cups and silverware all have labels on their prospective cabinets and drawers.


I do this in every room except my bedroom. Labels can be hidden inside doors and drawers if you don’t want them seen and have the neighbors call you the Label Nazi. J Even my living room entertainment center and bookshelf has labels. Especially helpful with homeschooling items. But we’ll go into that on another post!


Have fun organizing!!

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