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If you check out my sidebar you can see my Zombie Survival Rating!!!

I know what you’re thinking. Why is she promoting a dating site? (If you click the photo the quiz is on a dating site)
But let me explain, I am absolutely NOT promoting a dating site! What am I promoting? Preparedness.

I divulged that I am terrified of Zombies and that I believe in preparedness. The quiz that links to this photo is actually handy, it makes you think and it’s fun!! Gives me a little piece of mine, I’d like my percentage to be higher BUT that’s better than most! Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse is basically the same as preparing for any other major, world changing disaster so the questions are relevant either way.
It will ask you at the end of all the questions if you want to join. Just hit the link at the bottom that says you DON”T want to join, take me to my results and it will show you your survival rating!!

Have fun!! Let me know if you take the quiz what your percentages are!

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Preparedness Tuesdays


Preparedness is something that is hugely important to me. Yes, I am a Survivalist & a Prepper. When most people hear these terms they think, “Geez, there’s one of those extremists who think the world is ending 12/21/2012. They live in a bunker underground, armed like a small militia and eat bugs.” Though I’m not going to say there are not people like this just like there are extremists in everything in life from religion to politics and many other things, most of us are pretty normal. We haven’t emptied our savings because we think the world is ending tomorrow, we have jobs, kids, hobbies & friends. We lead the same lives as everyone else. We just choose to be “prepared” for a worst case scenario.

I know you’re shaking your head reading this saying that you highly doubt waking up to a horde of zombies at your door. While I could argue all day about Zombies this is not why we prep. New Orleans was not prepared for Katrina, Japan was not prepared for the tsunami, Joplin was not prepared for the tornado & the East Coast was not ready for the huge power outages. I could go on and on.

Here’s some food for thought, think about this for a moment and answer truthfully. If sirens were to go off right this second while you were reading this because of a terrorist attack or a flash flood and your family was ordered to evacuate how fast could you have everyone and everything important in the car and on the road? Would you be like my family and in your car in under 15 minutes? Or would you be like most of America who would have to round up birth certificates, social security cards, children, pets all while searching for shoes and jackets? Only to get stuck in a massive traffic jam on the highway with no food, no water and no medical supplies for the cut your husband sustained while changing a flat tire or your child’s inhaler? This is not even the worst case scenario, this is just a starting point to get the wheels turning in your head.

As a society we put money into 401k’s and IRA’s for a retirement that is possible we may never see. We set up college funds for our kids even though they may not want to go to college and decide to be a rock star. These are all good things, but shouldn’t we invest in preparing our families for different disaster scenarios? This could be anything from a power outage to a weather disaster. Maybe we will never see these things and I hope upon hope we never do. But wouldn’t you rather be prepared just in case? Just like you keep a cushion in your savings account, just in case?

Protecting our families is our first priorities, don’t you want to be able to protect your family in case of such an event?

Next Tuesday: Emergency Evacuation Plans


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