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Lessons From Unexpected Places


I simply adore the movie “How To Train Your Dragon”. It appeals to that part of me that loves fantasy, other cultures and of course cute children’s movies.

As I sit here watching it with the kids for the 100th time I realized that there is a lesson us adults can learn here. We all know most children’s movies have a moral. Friendship, Family, Courage, etc. But I feel like this one really speaks to some of the things going on today.

If you haven’t seen the movie I won’t spoil it for you. But go watch it! Really pay attention!

It’s set in a Viking Village where the meaning and goal of the lives is to fight and kill dragons and the dragons are always trying to kill them. Of course being the biggest, meanest warrior is what everyone aspires to be., but the leader of the village has a son and is son is small and awkward. Not viking like at all. When he attempts to kill a dragon to prove himself he ends up becoming friends with it and training it.

This story teaches that with a little patience, understanding and compassion we can understand each other. That sometimes conflict between religions, groups of people and even neighbors are just that we don’t understand each other.

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