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Linen Closet Organization

 It’s Organization Monday again!! I don’t know about you but I have struggled for years for ways to keep my linen closet as neat and organized as I want it. There was always those horrible to fold fitted sheets, random sheets and pillowcases that do not belong to a matching set! It’s enough to drive anyone who has OCD crazy!!

So here are a few tips to keeping the linen closet organized!! What I wouldn’t have given for these tips YEARS ago!!

1. Want to keep out moths, mice, anything pest-like that loves linens? Put a Chai tea bag in there! You can get cheap Chai tea bags anywhere. I put 1 in each drawer or 1 on each shelf. (WARNING: If you have an allergy to cinnamon, or any other spice use Chai with caution as it has cinnamon and other spices in it.) Not only do pests not like the smell, most of us humans DO like the smell.

2. With matching sets of sheets, take 1 pillowcase, fold all the sheets and other pillowcases neatly and put inside the pillowcase. Now your entire set is in 1 place and you can grab and go. This is handy when having sleepovers for kids or guests overnight. Grab a full pillowcase, hand to your guest and they are ready to go! You can also do this with non-matching sets if you don’t mind your sheet not matching the pillowcase.

3. Fold sheets thinly, (usually in half, then fold the length in half again) and store between the mattress and box spring with pillowcases. This keeps them wrinkly free and easily accessed when changing the sheets!

Here’s how I use the system:

Obviously there is a set on the bed.

1 set under the mattress for when I change the sheets.

The rest go in the pillowcases, in the closet.

Then I rotate as I change the sheets and wash them!


Hope this helps tame the Linen Closet Beast! Anyone else have any ideas or tips?

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Organization Mondays

I’m an organization freak! I’ve been called a Label Nazi and Obsessive Compulsive on more than 1 occasion. What’s the saddest about this? I don’t find that to be an insult. A place for everything and everything in it’s place is one of my favorite sayings. No as I was thinking about how to organize my blog (sad right?) I realized that after years of watching my husband try to organize during his stint as the stay at home dad that not all people are good at organizing. As a matter of fact I know several people who find organization as difficult as I find speaking Greek or doing Algebra. So I thought this might be a good place to start!! So welcome to Organization Mondays!

I find Mondays to be the day that is easiest for me to sit down and plan my week, organize my planner, pay bills, etc. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do these things on Mondays. But pick a day. One day each week where you do these things. Let’s call it your Household Administration Day. What would you do on these days?

Let’s use mine as an examples, Mondays here is the list I would complete. Yes, I’m also a list person.

  • Plan the weekly meals.
  • Organize my planner. Appointments, when bills are due, etc.
  • Pay bills, get the bills ready to pay. If I’m not sending the bill that day I’ll prepare it in the envelope and mail it the following Monday.
  • Make appointments. Dr, Dentist, etc.
  • Budget (Business & Personal)
  • Go through emails and mail deleting/trashing/filing anything not needed that week.
  • Inventory (Kitchen, School Supplies, Prepping)
  • School Plans for the week.
  • Prepping Plans for the week.
  • All of my business plans for the week for each area of my business.

You can add anything to your Household Admin Day that would be considered Administrative Work. Your planner should become your best friend! Personalize it, name it, make it yours!

The best planners are modified to the personal user. Just like your computer is personalized with your graphics, colors and made user friendly so should your planner. It will be the only way you’ll actually use it. This is like any other habit, you have to make yourself use it every day to form the habit. Then one day you will find that you are lost without it. Now I’m not saying to start penciling in your family and friends phone calls.My planner is for my family, important things. I write down appointments, vacations, family night, etc. But for as organized as a I am I live for spontaneity also. So my personal life is not scheduled unless it’s an important event. if a girlfriend calls me up for a movie and I have nothing else planned that day I go. The planner helps me know what is planned so I can be spontaneous around important things.

The planner is not your life, it’s just a tool to help your life be easier. Sort of like your best friend 🙂

Next Monday: How to build a Family Planner/Binder

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