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If you check out my sidebar you can see my Zombie Survival Rating!!!

I know what you’re thinking. Why is she promoting a dating site? (If you click the photo the quiz is on a dating site)
But let me explain, I am absolutely NOT promoting a dating site! What am I promoting? Preparedness.

I divulged that I am terrified of Zombies and that I believe in preparedness. The quiz that links to this photo is actually handy, it makes you think and it’s fun!! Gives me a little piece of mine, I’d like my percentage to be higher BUT that’s better than most! Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse is basically the same as preparing for any other major, world changing disaster so the questions are relevant either way.
It will ask you at the end of all the questions if you want to join. Just hit the link at the bottom that says you DON”T want to join, take me to my results and it will show you your survival rating!!

Have fun!! Let me know if you take the quiz what your percentages are!

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